You could say that Eli has been 'bathing' in sport since her birth. Coming from an active family, it was at the age of 3 that she started the sport intensively: downhill skiing, water skiing and swimming lessons. Having had the chance to grow up on the water's edge, it is the aquatic environment that she chooses as her favorite place. She then got into other sports related to water: wake board, wake surf, surf, kite surf, triathlon, scuba diving, sports apnea and then paddle board.

As an entrepreneur at heart, she founded Buddha SUP in 2016, a paddle board school located in Terrebonne (North Shore Montreal) and began in 2017 her first paddle board competitions in Quebec. Her successful past as an athlete including triathlon (2 times finalist of 70.3 Ironman Mont Tremblant) and her very competitive side got her into the podiums several times for SUP racing in Quebec and the United States. (Among these: 2 times winner of the golden paddle at the Montreal SUP FEST).

Deep, dynamic and determined, nothing stops him. Training is one of his priorities. Bachelor in kinesiology from the University of Sherbrooke in 2011, she was passionate about her notions of the body and muscles and the understanding of human movement. According to her, the balance between all of our physical capacities is important, regardless of our sport or what we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, being a paddle board athlete requires a great capacity to use the stabilizing muscles. This is why she introduces exercises in instability with each training. According to her, the Balance Board is the perfect addition to her workouts to complement her weekly routine.

Passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle, Eli wants to take everyone onboard. Lively, playful and a great motivator, she never stops promoting health and physical training.

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