The Sharing Is Caring project was launched in February 2019, just over a year after the launch of Montréal B-Board. Seeing the growth of his company, Nicolas Loiselle, decided to return to the origins of his project in order to give back to the Costa Rican community that inspired him the idea of balance boards.

In 2017 Nicolas left his routine to live 6 months in Costa Rica. Being surrounded by surfers made him discovered the practice of balance board, usually called rolla bolla.

When he went back to Montreal, he made his first board. Seeing the enthusiasm of his entourage for this fun and innovative training tool, he perfected his product and decided to start it as a business.

The growing success of Montreal B-Board allowed Nicolas to live from his passion in just one year. Grateful for this growth and the kindness of the people who have supported him since the beginning, he decided to go back to the origins of the project to share his happiness and success.



At Montréal B-Board, we hold values that are close to our heart and that are an integral part of our DNA: respect for the environment and respect for others. Costa Rica is a source of inspiration not only for the essence of our product, but also for the healthy and balanced lifestyle and state of mind that the motto "Pura Vida" conveys - it is on this vision that our company was built and evolves.

On the environmental side, by making our boards from recycled wood and planting a tree for every board sold, our goal of having a positive impact on the environment was quickly achieved. We are very proud to have created a business model based on a local circular economy - we have demonstrated that it is possible to undertake and succeed in an eco-responsible manner.  

One year after our launch, the time had come to highlight our human commitment and to share our joy of life!

It was quite naturally that Nicolas had the idea to go back to Costa Rica to give back to this country that has warmly welcomed him throughout this trip that has changed his life. Hospitality, sharing, parity and kindness... these are the good feelings that Montreal B-Board wanted to convey through the Sharing is Caring project, which aimed to support young children in Costa Rica.

This project, in collaboration with the Selina Hostels, consisted of offering balance boards in several schools in the country where the most underprivileged live. In order to encourage gender equality, we provided each school 2 balance boards, one for girls and one for boys. Accompanied by the Costa Rican Balance Board champion, Fabricio Sanchez, we organized balance board classes to show children how to use the boards in a fun and safe way.

Just to see the smiles on the faces of all these children and our hearts filled with joy, for us the mission is accomplished!

A big thank you to hmvision for the production of this amazing video

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